During the summer months from June to September, Saatzucht Donau offers practical training positions and holiday jobs to pupils and students. If you need to gain job-specific practical training time as part of your education, Saatzucht Donau offers you this opportunity. This concerns students of the Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für Landwirtschaft, students of agricultural technology and students of food technology. These interns can do their 4-week internship after the second or fourth year, as well as their 14-week internship with us. 


Varied activities await you, such as: 
   - Helping with the harvest (plot threshing, ear cutting) 
   - Soil cultivation after harvest 
   - Weighing and sampling 
   - Quality analyses: NIR, thousand grain weight, test weight, sedimentation value  
   - Seed processing/seed cleaning/seed dressing 
   - Ear threshing 
   - Seed preparation 


According to the collective agreement for agriculture and forestry. Any extra hours will be compensated according to the collective agreement. 


Accomodation Station Probstdorf 

If required, a simple accommodation is available at the Probstdorf station on the farm (30€/week).


Station Probstdorf
Karpfinger Stefan Bsc.
Saatzuchtstrasse 11
2301 Probstdorf
Tel.: +432215/2481-32
E-Mail: [email protected]

Station Reichersberg
Ing. Josef Engl
Mendelweg 1
4981 Reichersberg am Inn
Tel.: +437758/4001-12
E-Mail: [email protected]