Welcome to Saatzucht Donau

We breed and develop high-quality, healthy, site-adapted and high-yielding varieties of cereals, oil and protein plants using modern technologies, exploiting the synergies of the two locations in Probstdorf and Reichersberg and in close cooperation with partner companies and research institutes.

Through optimal marketing of these varieties at home and abroad, agriculture as well as shareholders and employees of SAATZUCHT DONAU should benefit from the broad utilisation of the achieved breeding progress. 

New plant varieties increase yield and product quality and reduce field expenses due to their improved performance.

After several years of official testing, a new variety is only approved for cultivation if it is distinguishable from all previous varieties, if it is uniform, and if it is of value in terms of cultivation.

Our breeding material, which has been adapted to our climatic conditions through many years of selection, is our basic capital. The traditionally grown breeding methods are enriched by the most modern methods, there is an intensive international exchange.

Breeding stations


In the Reichersberg plant breeding station, around 90 hectares of arable land are cultivated. It is mainly deep brown earth soils with a good humus layer and underneath very good water retaining, but also sandy loam with little water permeability. 

Sea level: 350 m
Annual average temperature: 8.7°C
Annual average precipitation: 795mm

Breeding programs at the Reichersberg station:

  • Soybean
  • Winter oilseed rape
  • 2-row winter barley
  • Winter triticale
  • Winter spelt wheat
  • Variety development in other crops


The station Probstdorf is located about 15 km east of Vienna, north of the Danube, in the agricultural production area Marchfeld. We produce in the continental climate area on Danube alluvial land with gravel substructure. The soils are varying, from only slightly loamy sand to sandy loam.

 Sea level: 145 - 152 m
 Annual average temperature: 9.7 °C
 Annual average precipitation: 546 mm 

Breeding programs at the Probstdorf station:

  • Winter wheat
  • 6-row winter barley
  • Durum wheat 
  • Variety development in other crops